The Spontaneous Procrastinator’s Guide to Starting a Blog, Part 2

starting a blog part 2

1. Procrastinate after the initial launching of the blog for the rest of the year and start fresh nearly a whole month into the next year.
2. While procrastinating, occasionally think about what you want to do with the blog. Come up with some really good ideas while doing other things and then forget them once you sit down to work on the blog.
3. Wonder if you should even do the blog.
4. Decide that yes, you paid for the domain name, you MUST do the blog.
5. Stay busy with your other endeavors and put the blog into the back of your mind.
6. Come up with some more really good thoughts about blogging and posting and interacting, and wonder why you aren’t just blogging already!!!
7. Get busy doing other things and forget about blogging for awhile.
8. Start another business endeavor to keep you from blogging.
9. Think about blogging a lot, wish you could do it while driving because you spend a lot of time driving.
10. Wonder if you can do an audio blog in which you talk to your phone and then put your thoughts and divine insights into an audio file for all of your blogger fans.
11. Actually use the voice recorder on your phone to record a test message. Hey it worked!!!
12. Get distracted again by life and the other, non blog things going on in it.
13. Really decide you want to write and get your thoughts out there, and face the fact you are going to have to overcome some of your hesitation in doing it and just get out there and do it.
14. Spontaneously create a logo for your blog one rainy evening and get excited enough about it to create another post.

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