The Spontaneous Procrastinator’s Guide to Starting a Blog (Part 1)


1. Decide you are done procrastinating and are really going to do it this time.
2. Log into your current Go Daddy account and ready yourself to purchase the domain name. Struggle to decide which of two domain names you want to go with. Decide to think about it for awhile longer and log out.
3. Spend a week or two going back and forth arguing with yourself which domain name will be best since you have so many conflicting ideas.
4. Decide not to bother getting either domain name since you obviously can’t decide what you are going to blog about anyway.
5. Purchase both domain names a few days later on a whim.
6. Follow the many helpful “how to install WordPress” tutorials and successfully install WordPress on the first domain name. Feel proud of yourself.
7. Realize that by installing WordPress on your new domain name that you have completely messed up the website for your current income producing business.
8. Start a live chat with Go Daddy trying to fix the problem. Realize that the person on the other end of the chat doesn’t know much about it since she tells you that you need to contact the webmaster for your business to fix the problem.
9. Sheepishly explain to your significant other and business partner (who happens to also be the webmaster for your business) that you have messed up the business website by trying to install WordPress on your new domain.
10. Slink off into the other room while he tries to fix it
11. Quietly pretend to do other stuff while he complains that he can’t fix it
12. Breathe a sigh of relief when he has to leave the house to do business related stuff
13. Immediately call Go Daddy tech support and explain your dilemma, including the part about the other Go Daddy person not knowing what you were talking about. Happily realize that this person knows what you did wrong and knows how to fix it. Listen closely to every word he says, take notes and make the changes as he explains them. Thank him profusely when you check all the domains and note they are as they should be. Jokingly ask for his phone number in case you have problems again, and gratefully write down the email he gives you for future reference, hoping you won’t need it but not holding your breath.
14. Decide that you have had too much stress for the day where blogging is concerned and go take a nap.


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