My Story of Stuff: Acquiring – Part 1

a clean uncluttered table with a laptop

I have a lot of stuff and sometimes it is overwhelming.

I’ve been on a big organizing kick lately. I’m taking carloads of donations to the thrift stores, throwing lots of things away and really trying to organize the house. I have also been reading and am fascinated by the idea of minimalism.

I haven’t always been this way, and I am somewhat surprised that I’ve had such a profound mindset shift.  I’m trying to go with it and get used to this new thought process. It is a bit uncomfortable for me because I’ve never been much for organization or minimalism. I’ve been more of a collector who is always in the process of trying to find a place for all the stuff, so my house hasn’t ever been terribly organized or neat.

a cluttered messy room

ugh, what a mess…too much stuff

Yes, I’ll admit it…for most of my life I have had a tendency to hold on to ….. stuff.  As an only child, I got a lot of stuff for holidays and birthdays from not only my parents, but also from doting grandparents and aunts and uncles. So I had a lot of stuff even as a youngster. My favorite things to collect were books and as I got older and into music, records. I had a lot of other things too of course.

When I went to college, I took a lot of my stuff with me, back and forth, all four and a half years. My parents were saints to move me so many times like that. I mostly had records, tapes, books, clothes, craft supplies, trinkets, and similar girlie items.  After college, I took the train to California from Iowa, so didn’t have a room to take much with me. Luckily my parents kept all that necessary stuff at home for me. (Thank you parents!)

Not surprisingly, my wide eyed innocent college graduate plans to get a job in the music business so I could marry a rock star were dashed within a couple months of getting to California. In the blink of an eye, I was pregnant and moved in with the child’s father (who will be known as Bo for the remainder of the story.) We had a one bedroom apartment and acquired furniture, household items, clothes and other stuff within a very short stretch of time. When we decided to move back to Iowa a couple months later, we packed it all in a U-haul trailer and headed west.

The next nine years were a rollercoaster ride relationship with Bo, and because he could never be happy in one place for long, we moved a lot. We always managed to accumulate more stuff, so we had to transport it across the country a few times. I don’t know how many times we moved within the state of Iowa, but I do know that within the course of those 9 years we traveled and hauled stuff from California to Iowa, Iowa back to California, California to Connecticut, Connecticut back to Iowa and Iowa to Florida.

Yes, every one of those moves was always accompanied by a Lot of Stuff. Along with the items mentioned during the college years, which I’d nabbed after the first visit back to my parents’ house, there were usually a number of large furniture items involved with these moves, as well as multiple vehicles and other assorted boats, jet skis, motorcycles and Very Large Televisions.

It wasn’t just my stuff any longer; it was also Bo’s stuff, and after the first nine months included our child and his stuff.  I am exhausted now just from reading and remembering all of that hauling and I think I need some Salon Pas for my aching back….

The last state Bo and I were together in was Florida, and we moved three times during our four years in the state, again with all the stuff, and of course we had newly acquired stuff each time. Are you seeing a pattern here? As I am writing this, I am picturing myself as this magnet that just keeps attracting stuff and there I am, trying to drag it all along with me, as more and more items continually fly in to attach to my magnetic force….


To be Continued…..

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