My Old Blogs: October 2010, Planning ahead

As mentioned in the previous post, I have had blogs before but never kept them up. I decided to re-post all of the old writings in this blog so I can see where I started and how far I have come.

The following post was written in October 2010 and the photo is from that same year of my beautiful Great Pyrenees, Taiga, may he now rest in peace……

October 2010……

Gotta have a plan

I have a new tactic to stop my lack of getting anything done.  Planning ahead!  I’m making a flowchart of my day.   Using an Excel spreadsheet, I am making a daily planner sheet so I can try to follow it and perhaps stop being so overwhelmed by having so much I want to do and never knowing what to do because I have so much to do. By allotting myself TIME to do each thing, even if it is a small amount (like 1 hour a day to each venture), I am at least telling myself “OK, self, this is what you have to do right now… don’t think, just do!”

Perhaps by doing that, I’ll stop sitting here feeling pressured to be doing OTHER stuff instead of what I am doing.  If I start to question myself, I’ll just remind myself that “tomorrow I’m working on that” or whatever the case is, and the anxiety will pass and I will happily continue on with that day’s allotted task.   In theory anyway, that is what is supposed to happen.  Guess we’ll see.

So, I now have 1 hour set aside each day after work to spend the time doing one of the 4 things I really want to succeed with.   I have La Bella Baskets, Hopeful Valley Vintage, and my writing (which from now on will be known as Jewel Kaysee, since that is my pseudonym).  I also just signed up to be an ambassador with Barefoot Books yesterday, so that is the 4th seed I have planted and want to help nurture along into a nice business. I’ve also alloted time on the chart for blogging 1x a week and for planning the dinner menu for the week ahead, which will include coupon clipping and sales flyer scanning, and sometime in there I’ll actually shop.  Meals, menus, grocery shopping and cooking are another general area I have a lot of trouble with, hence I’m adding them into the plan!

1 hour a week for each venture may not seem much, but it is more than I am doing now, since I just spend a few minutes here and there not really doing much because I get confused!  Kind of like trying to pay my debt down, I need to get an area of focus and go with it,  instead of trying to spend a little extra here on one bill and there on another,  I need a PLAN.  (that’s my next task, to make a debt pay down Excel chart).  By having more of a focused, intense plan, I might actually start seeing results.   I also need that feeling of spinning my wheels and not having a clue what I’m doing to go away!!!!  Just follow the plan, Jules, and you shall be set free……

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