A Barefoot Jewel has many facets

The two extremes are Sparkling Gem and Lump of Coal. Most days you will be somewhere in the middle!

  • silhouette of dancing woman with the words sparkling gem Shiny, brilliant and beautiful. This is the highest, best barefoot jewel self!!! Radiating positive energy and self confidence, the sparkling gemstone moments are creative, life changing and contagious! They are about sharing, helping and uplifting self and others. When a barefoot jewel is in her sparkling gemstone state, she is focused on being healthy, creative and productive and loves doing wonderful positive things for herself, others and the planet!!
  • silhouette of sad woman with the words lump of coalSome days, every barefoot jewel can have an off day. There can be no sunshine without rain, no light without darkness, no good without evil…you get the picture. Take the good with the bad and acknowledge the lump of coal moments since even coal has value. By accepting your “off” moments, bad moods and “dark side” and allowing yourself to go within and explore the reason for these times, you can learn much about yourself and grow!

The quest to break through to your natural, authentic self is exciting, but it is also frustrating. The key is to live in the moment and take life day by day. Cherish and enjoy the sparkly days, but accept that there will be days you aren’t feeling very sparkly, and may feel downright dark and cold and miserable. Be sure to take extra care of yourself during those dark times.

Question: How do you become a Barefoot Jewel?

Answer: You already are one!

You Are Unique

Your gifts and talents are different from every other person’s on the planet!! You are a natural, one of a kind treasure, aka, a Barefoot Jewel!

You Are Precious

Grown up life tends to get in the way of us knowing who we really are, but once we realize this, each of us can start taking steps to reconnect with our natural, authentic true self. It is an ongoing process, but it is also a delightful adventure, so I hope you will join me!

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