Waiting for Irma Part 2

photo of hurricane Irma

This is part 2 of my journey living through Irma. You can read part one here Today is Saturday September 9, 2017 and Hurricane Irma is about to reach Florida. Yesterday I was finally coming to terms with the fact that this was really a serious matter and was going to happen, so preparations progressed and I tried to wrap … Read More

Waiting For Irma, Part One

picture of hurricane weather map

Today is Friday, September 8th and we are preparing for hurricane Irma to come on Sunday. I wasn’t taking this very seriously until yesterday, because when we moved to Florida, we purposely chose to live inland to not have to worry about hurricanes. Yet Irma is currently barreling towards Florida like a freight train and is so huge, it encompasses … Read More

My Five Action Steps for Achieving Better Health

A bowl of soup

I want to find a way to live a healthier lifestyle that will be permanent. In my previous post, I talked about the hamster wheel of bad health habits. I am tired of that wheel. I’m tired of being on it, getting fed up and finally jumping off, only to find myself back on it again when I fail to … Read More

Small Actions = Goals Reached

girl looking out airplane window

I went for a walk today. “So, what’s the big deal?” It wasn’t a big deal in any way other than I did it this morning instead of just THINKING about doing it. I took an action step towards a vague goal. That IS a big deal because I have a fear of committing to goals. I avoid making goals, … Read More

You Can Gain So Much by Letting Go

woman spreading arms towards the sunset

I have a few previous posts about my struggle with stuff. While I still have too much of it, I have been on a huge downsizing kick lately. Purging, organizing, donating, throwing away, and generally just deciding I don’t need most of what I have! This is coming from a person who has consistently had a small house with lots … Read More

My Story of Stuff…Pausing for Insight

illustration of messy room

I’m writing a multi-part post about stuff, the acquiring, the rearranging, the storing, the organizing, the moving and all of the headaches that come with having TOO MUCH stuff. As I am writing it, I’ve been reliving the past decades of my life and how I related to stuff, and I’ve had some insights. You can always have insight looking … Read More

My Story of Stuff (Part 2)

In part one of my story of stuff, I talked about how I started acquiring stuff at a young age and spent nearly a decade after college traveling back and forth across the country with a lot of stuff.  Looking back now, I can’t even understand why I felt the need to carry so much of it with me, because … Read More

My Story of Stuff: Acquiring – Part 1

a clean uncluttered table with a laptop

I have a lot of stuff and sometimes it is overwhelming. I’ve been on a big organizing kick lately. I’m taking carloads of donations to the thrift stores, throwing lots of things away and really trying to organize the house. I have also been reading and am fascinated by the idea of minimalism. I haven’t always been this way, and … Read More

Celebrating my 50th Birthday in Key West

In typical procrastinator mode, I’m finally writing about my birthday even though it was 11 days ago. To be fair, I was on vacation when the event occurred, and when we got back 2 days later, Don was sick and I was starting to feel like I could be, so we both took it easy that weekend. The beginning of … Read More

My Old Blogs: November 2010, Changing

As mentioned in the previous blog, I am sharing my old blog posts here so I can see how I got started and how far I have come. Changing is sometimes scary and takes time, and this blog is at the beginning of a very major change! This blog was written in November 2010, and as you can see, I … Read More