My Five Action Steps for Achieving Better Health

A bowl of soup

I want to find a way to live a healthier lifestyle that will be permanent. In my previous post, I talked about the hamster wheel of bad health habits. I am tired of that wheel. I’m tired of being on it, getting fed up and finally jumping off, only to find myself back on it again when I fail to … Read More

Jumping off the Hamster Wheel of Bad Habits

hamster with front legs held up

My life is a continuous roller coaster of trying to eat well but getting sucked back into the bad food habits I’ve developed over the years. I go back and forth constantly from trying to eat healthy, cook healthy and live healthy to being a regular at the drive thru and having something very unhealthy but quick to make when … Read More

Cleaning out the Refrigerator

I cleaned out my refrigerator today. This is not one of my favorite tasks. Because I am not very organized, I regularly fail on a miserable level to plan for meals. When I do go to the store, I may have a couple items I know I need, but since I live in a constant state of good intention to … Read More

Creativity in the Kitchen

Sometimes you have to get creative If you aren’t able to get what you want, you have to make due with what you’ve got (hey, is that a song?) ANYWAY….. This is another of my old blogs from 2012. I’ll be doing an updated version soon as we’ve added a few other small kitchen appliances. We’ve also donated a few of … Read More