Cleaning out the Refrigerator

I cleaned out my refrigerator today. This is not one of my favorite tasks. Because I am not very organized, I regularly fail on a miserable level to plan for meals. When I do go to the store, I may have a couple items I know I need, but since I live in a constant state of good intention to … Read More

My Story of Stuff (Part 2)

In part one of my story of stuff, I talked about how I started acquiring stuff at a young age and spent nearly a decade after college traveling back and forth across the country with a lot of stuff.  Looking back now, I can’t even understand why I felt the need to carry so much of it with me, because … Read More

My Story of Stuff: Acquiring – Part 1

a clean uncluttered table with a laptop

I have a lot of stuff and sometimes it is overwhelming. I’ve been on a big organizing kick lately. I’m taking carloads of donations to the thrift stores, throwing lots of things away and really trying to organize the house. I have also been reading and am fascinated by the idea of minimalism. I haven’t always been this way, and … Read More