My Old Blogs

 I’ve tried blogging before, but never stuck with it. My old blogs are probably still floating out there in internet space, but I am going to post my old writings on this blog under “my old blogs” category. I think the first blog I ever did was in 2010 called “Hopeful Valley”  and I have since had another one called … Read More

The Spontaneous Procrastinator’s Guide to Starting a Blog, Part 2

1. Procrastinate after the initial launching of the blog for the rest of the year and start fresh nearly a whole month into the next year. 2. While procrastinating, occasionally think about what you want to do with the blog. Come up with some really good ideas while doing other things and then forget them once you sit down to … Read More

The Spontaneous Procrastinator’s Guide to Starting a Blog (Part 1)

1. Decide you are done procrastinating and are really going to do it this time. 2. Log into your current Go Daddy account and ready yourself to purchase the domain name. Struggle to decide which of two domain names you want to go with. Decide to think about it for awhile longer and log out. 3. Spend a week or … Read More

This site is under construction!!

  By a relatively clueless, easily frustrated peri-menopausal woman who wants to have a blog but has minimal patience to figure things out. Said peri-menopausal woman is also a shameless procrastinator so the fact that the blog is even in existence is a nearly miraculous feat in itself, so try to be patient and gentle as the thing progresses.