Waiting for Irma Part 2

photo of hurricane Irma
This is part 2 of my journey living through Irma. You can read part one here

Today is Saturday September 9, 2017 and Hurricane Irma is about to reach Florida.

Yesterday I was finally coming to terms with the fact that this was really a serious matter and was going to happen, so preparations progressed and I tried to wrap my head around it while staying positive.

Now I’m just getting cranky and pissed off.

This morning when I was driving home from my pet visit, I made mental lists of things to do when I got home and was in a decent mood and feeling hopeful.

I was planning on coming home and making a cheesecake using the cream cheese I have in the refrigerator in case our power is out and all our food gets bad. I was also going to make coleslaw with the cabbage and carrots. I visualized organizing items that would stay here and packing things neatly in plastic bins to prevent water damage.

My parents came out this morning and got a bunch of food and pet items and the generator to take to their house. Once they left, Don and I have been gathering up stuff to take with us that we will need for a while in case our home is destroyed and we don’t have anything left.

We’ve been watching the news coverage all day of the hurricane while milling about the house. The governor comes on regularly to address residents and tries to sound comforting as he tells us what to do to save ourselves. Other experts come on and assure us that thousands of volunteers, first responders, military and other service providers are standing by to ride in to help us pick up the pieces after Irma has her way with us. The level of preparation, direction, support and organization of the state’s agencies is astounding. They’ve been through this many times before, but everybody says that Irma is much larger and more damaging than any hurricane they’ve seen previously.

As the day has gone on, I tossed out a bunch of nearly empty items in the refrigerator, used leftovers to make a rice-hamburger hash sort of lunch, and put most of our cooking appliances (of which we have many) in the pantry to hopefully protect them in case of roof collapse. I’ve been mentally assuring myself that no matter what happens, it is what it is and life will go on.

As the day progressed, I got more depressed and anxious. Soon I wasn’t in the mood to make the cheesecake, coleslaw or even a damn sandwich.I’m tired and worried and I want to just get this whole thing over with so we can move forward.

I feel like a character in a world-coming-to-an-end movie such as Armageddon, The Day After Tomorrow or The Core. I love that type of movie, but I don’t like living the scenario in real life.


I just packed some clothes to take with me, and I’m sure I still won’t have a thing to wear. I’m looking at all the stuff I have that I’ve been trying to organize and purge for the past few months, and I now just wish I didn’t have ANY of it. I’ve made a pledge that if it all blows away or is destroyed, I won’t ever get so much crap again. If we are lucky enough to get by with minimal or no damage, I pledge to continue getting rid of stuff and not succumbing to clutter ever again.

We’ll soon be ready to pack up and head to my parents’ house tonight. The tropical storm winds are potentially going to start late tonight or very early tomorrow, so we thought better to get out sooner rather than later. Since Irma moved further west last night, all day today they have upped the potential sustained wind speed to 85 mph, with gusts up to 100 mph. We may not be any safer over there, but at least we’ll be together.

We have some board games we can play to pass the time. I’m taking my coloring books, my Kindle, colored pencils, pens and markers, a journal and a drawing tablet. Maybe I’ll find my muse in the mayhem.


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