You Can Gain So Much by Letting Go

woman spreading arms towards the sunset

I have a few previous posts about my struggle with stuff. While I still have too much of it, I have been on a huge downsizing kick lately. Purging, organizing, donating, throwing away, and generally just deciding I don’t need most of what I have! This is coming from a person who has consistently had a small house with lots … Read More

Creativity in the Kitchen

Sometimes you have to get creative If you aren’t able to get what you want, you have to make due with what you’ve got (hey, is that a song?) ANYWAY….. This is another of my old blogs from 2012. I’ll be doing an updated version soon as we’ve added a few other small kitchen appliances. We’ve also donated a few of … Read More

My Story of Stuff…Pausing for Insight

illustration of messy room

I’m writing a multi-part post about stuff, the acquiring, the rearranging, the storing, the organizing, the moving and all of the headaches that come with having TOO MUCH stuff. As I am writing it, I’ve been reliving the past decades of my life and how I related to stuff, and I’ve had some insights. You can always have insight looking … Read More